Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit strike

The NYC TWU strike held off til a day when I don't reverse-commute to Queens (over an hour with good transit karma). Today everything is walkable. Time to bundle up.

UPDATE: Wore just about everything I own to go wandering. No one arrived in time for my Anatomy class, which may have been for the best since I could then spend part of the time prepping to sub the dance class to follow. I'm on the sub list for that but don't much get called so dredged a class prepared months ago out of my subconscious. The class was small but extremely appreciative. Then took class subbed by Downtown Dancer, ran off to a Feldenkrais lesson, and home to teach one more session (student commutes by bicycle). We'll see what tomorrow brings: for one thing somewhat longer walks, still within the realm of possibility. Just hoping the strike is over before I have to commute to my Thursday 7am teaching.

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