Saturday, October 01, 2005

In search of a point

Today was difficult.

That's not even fair to say. Out of six scheduled teaching sessions, three were very good, and one didn't happen (student overslept, and in this case I get paid anyway). It was the other two.

The earlier of those was frustrating for all concerned parties though maybe not irredeemable; jury's still out. The later, last session of the day, was a sinking ship that I was too ornery to bail out on. Phoning it in is not my specialty even when it's potentially the more effective course of action--in this case I couldn't even say that sticking to my guns had any positive effect. He was as determined not to get it as I was to make him do it. If I'm lucky, he'll say he doesn't want me as a teacher anymore (I don't have control over scheduling assignments at this studio. Most of my students there have requested me).

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