Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day (U.S.)

I put this blog up a while ago, and it's been languishing, unloved, since. At some point, I'll have to do a background hello post explaining a little more what this is about.

Holidays are optional around here, perk and pitfall of the self-employed. I did a sesssion on Thanksgiving last year (hi, R), quite willingly. I've had a few holidays off where, frankly, I might have been happier teaching. So while teaching on Labor Day may violate some of the spirit of the occasion, I can't say I really mind, though I was content to have my regular Monday schedule preempted.

I have some pretty amazing teaching stories. Today is one of them.

I almost cancelled my anatomy class yesterday--Sunday before Labor Day didn't seem likely to get many takers. And, sure enough, ten minutes past class time I was still sitting there by myself. Five minutes after that, a class suddenly materialized, including two students who then scheduled private coaching sessions.

One of them came this morning. She's a concert musician, who's been having pain and wants to work on how she's using her body, looking to me to help figure out what the problem is. So she brought her instrument, and played for me.

I'm a dancer and work with a lot of dancers, so I am somewhat used to having stellar performances in my living room/studio. But wow anyway.

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